DNA methylation is a major kind of epigenetic modification, and changes in methylation patterns play a key role in tumorigenesis.


Lung cancer diagnosis remains a pervasive challenge, over 50% of cases involving individuals with suspected lung cancer perplex clinicians and pathologists. Even with comprehensive cytological and histological analyses of samples during the initial bronchoscopic procedure, malignant pulmonary pathology remains elusive.

Statistics show that above 50% of cases are misdiagnosed, thus when diagnosed it is too late!


Methylation is a tool allowing to resolve the problem with early diagnosis prior to clinical symptoms. Misdiagnosis for Small cell lung cancer in particular has dramatic consequences as rapid growth generate alarmingly high fatality rates. Therefore, the expeditious and pre-symptomatic identification of lung cancer emerges as a critical imperative, holding the potential to bestow significant survival benefits upon affected individuals.


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